Tram Town
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Category: Audio
Semi and I would both be interested in this and any application it may have to our theatre -- although to be fair, I haven't actually read past the headline bits yet -- dunno the theatre would come at 15000 speakers but.

Sunday, November 01, 2009
Category: Railways
Due to both my circumstance and my general inclination -- I took the train to Hurstbridge the other day and discovered something I hadn't previously encountered.
It seems to be a cracker -- a train cannot proceed up the track without a "token" -- and there is only one token for the line so it single streams trains on single tracks.
Seems to be very boolean 'cos that's what it is!
I reckon Auffers and Semi would love to see this in action (unless they have already in which case -- I'm just slower than most (which shouldn't surprise anyone really)
Thanks Grandma.

Category: Melbourne
Reading this at the moment, by jingo it's an absolute cracker -- apparently available in soft-cover from the Melbourne museum for about $A20. Just buy it!
Thanks Grandma

Category: Railways
Those of you who know me may know I've slightly re-located north due to renovations at the normal mansion -- expect a few interesting observations (or not)
I never knew about this and I've already investigated the initial siding -- and am intending to walk the rest of the siding in the next week. Grandma reckons that there's still something left of the old terminal but haven't seen it yet.

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