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Monday, January 16, 2012
Category: Food
That Cafe in Melville Road has changed hands and now proudly sports an informing "Under New Management" splash on the main window. I don't know why you'd buy a going business and then tell the punters it had changed unless you had intelligence that people didn't like the previous management. I'll put that mystery behind me but I had heard that it had gone "downhill" from a "less-than-reliable" source. I gave it a go anyway. The Eggs Benedict was just as good as it used to be, if not better.

The plate bothered me a little as I am reliably informed that the optimal shape for a dinner plate is a squircle but never mind, the food was great. The coffee was as good as espresso gets for my money but I would take plunger coffee anytime over espresso (Just One Guy's Opinion ™).
Also, they now do free WiFi. Ask your friendly attendant for the security key.
Recommended! as Jerry Pournelle used to say (maybe he still does).
PS (just for you, Jack) a squircle is defined as:
\left( x - a \right)^4 + \left( y - b \right)^4 = r^4

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Category: Computing
Although a fantasy gift, the Kitchen Computer represented the first time a computer was offered as a consumer product.
I'd never heard of The Honeywell Kitchen Computer until I stumbled across it in the early light this morning.
Picture here.
"If she can only cook as well as Honeywell can compute".

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