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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Category: Audio (maybe Culture)
You can't claim to really love radio if you're not a fan of A Prairie Home Companion. Heck, I can even forgive Garrison Keillor for having wildly different political attitudes to mine. When you can write like him you deserve a lot of respect (regardless). I also become seriously excited when I see the work of Tom Keith on APHC. DB and I did a bit of this for a play some years ago where we actually used a real car door to simulate the effect of a real car door (by jeez, I wish I had a photo of that stage).

Category: Audio (or is that Theatre? or Science?)
If you can't find a use for the sounds made available courtesy of NASA's INSPIRE program in your next sound design, you're just not trying.

Category: Culture
The whole on-line comic thing just really never got me, the medium just never felt right until this.

Category: Culture
One of the best ways I've found to bore folks at dinner parties is to display your extensive knowledge of American TV shows. Epguides is quite a help in this regard.

Category: Web
Some interesting blogs...
I'm in love with Rachel Lucas. Tote that gun!
James Lileks' Bleat is some of the best writing you'll see anywhere.
Tim Blair is my first port of call each morning.
to be continued

Category: Music
This WIRED article says a lot about intellectual property and even more about Sony.

Category: Politics
Clive James can be a bit irritating but on Sunday night we watched him interviewing P. J. O'Rourke on Ovation and it was terrific. This article is also good reading.

Category: Knowledge
Who's Alive and Who's Dead is remarkably useful. I wish it were just a bit more complete.

Category: Humour (vulgar)
Click here if you like childish humour as much as I do.

Category: Web
Some people still don't know about Kartoo. If you know a page exists but don't know where it is, Google does the job best, but when you're after knowledge, Kartoo Rules!

Category: Admin
This is a blog where Semi and DB are going to put pointers to things that interest them and may interest others. We expect a bias towards our town, Melbourne, Australia. We expect to see posts about: theatre, audio, politics, motor racing and any other thing that tickles our respective fancies.

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