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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Category: Parody
Despite being mildly offensive -- I found this a bit funny. Thunderbirds a few years after.

Category: Tram Town
Bugger me! We're six years old, we'll be shaving soon -- and worse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Category: War
The downfall of grammar:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Category: Power
I took the March issue of Quadrant with me to lunch and read The High Price of PC Power by Ray Evans & Tom Quirk. It's a nice primer on how our east coast electricity markets work and a powerful dump on windmills. Well worth the investment of time!

Category: Anniversary
You know what?
Semi and I first met 28 years ago today (well, technically tonight), fancy that! We formed a band at the time and did our first gig on Good Friday of that year after only writing/rehearsing for around three hours or so. Back in the days when we both had potential!

Category: Physics
This important document calculates the value of g in the Mario universe. Worth a look, Jack!

Category: Space
This is an animation of the building of the ISS. [If you are using NoScript, like you, Jack, you will have to temporarily enable this site]

Category: Sharks
I go to Mighty Optical Illusions every day. Today's shark is one of my favourite postings there just because of it's simplicity I guess.

Monday, April 13, 2009
Category: Statue
This is to be found in the Edinburgh Gardens (just north of the old Fitzroy footy stadium):

A nearby plaque reads:
“We are not amused”
Following the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, George Godfrey MLC presented a commemorative statue to the people of Fitzroy.
The statue was mounted on the plinth in front of you amidst a decorative garden bed of cabbage palms and roses. Queen Victoria, in a typical pose, carried the orb and sceptre of royalty.
After a tumble, the statue went missing and was never replaced.
Would Queen Victoria have been amused?

Category: Dogs
I took my Spotty for a walk to the Merri Creek yseterday. This is what I saw:

And this is that dog with my Spotty:

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Category: Fillums
Whilst it will be decidedly not to everyone's taste, and is definitely not suitable for children younger than ten who may ask bizarre questions about drug dependence, alcoholism and suicide, I went to see this this morning and thought it was an absolute cracker. It was one of the best written and acted fillums I've seen for a bit. I can heartily recommend it to anyone except for the above provisos -- I laughed 'til I cried and I cried 'til I laughed!
(I don't say that about too many fillums). I saw it at the Westgarth (stupid web site) FWIW.

UPDATE: I just stumbled across a review that summed up my feelings pretty well.

Category: Vinegar
Theo Spark has a magnificent video of a skipping display. Magic!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Category: Transport

It looks stupid but is sorta cool too

Sunday, April 05, 2009
Category: Comedy/Country
Semi and I were big fans of (and still are, I think) of Richard and saw him at least once in Melbourne.

I reckon that I might go see this bloke too. Seems a similar (if not as well developed) family of music.
Your mileage may vary.

Friday, April 03, 2009
Category: Taps
Another Youtube piece. This time it is from Andre Rieu so my mum might give it a listen.

Does she incur negative points for not using a bugle? I don't think so.

Category: Hardware
And I'm not talking about the fun type.

For about the last five years I've had one of these, heck, we've been happy with it and it's served us well...until...

three days ago it went pear shaped -- wouldn't boot to the OS, firmware and disk were fine, just wouldn't boot!

Hmm, research project, turns out it WAS one of the known problem children of the fruit company, it DID have a serial number and model number that proved this, it MAY'VE been subject to out of warranty repairs, BUT the logic board appears to have been changed during the production process already -- complicated I appreciate but it meant that I was buggered both ways from Sunday and when you have two teenage girls in secondary school, not having a home computer is a major problem.

So having cut a short story long...I just bought one of these. All of the data just came across from a backup that I had from the previous computer, children and spouse seemed happy and it was only this morning that I realised that I hadn't yet read the manual --- Jeez Apple make rubbish.

Blogged for the record, I'm not an Apple FanBoy either (much)

UPDATE: Sorry, I forgot to mention that a new logic board would've cost around $AU900 and a new computer cost around $AU1900.

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