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Friday, May 14, 2004
Category: Computers
We bought a Mac 128K back in 1984 because it was the most useful computer around at the time and we really wanted to be able to do the stuff MacWrite and MacPaint let us do. Word and Excel really rounded out the whole thing and a V.23 (1200/75) modem, a Viatel client, and a 512K motherboard made for a heck of a setup in 1986, particularly when benchmarked against an ugly PC-AT.
Oh!!! There's the word: UGLY. Apple were pretty good at functionality and looks back then and the looks continued for quite a while. In 1992, MicroSoft produced Windows 3.1 with TrueType and any pragmatist would have to say that there has been very little difference between the players ever since (except that Apple didn't "get" "pre-emptive multi-tasking" until well after the otherwise recalcitrant MicroSoft).
Now, the point of this post, our mate Auffers just got him a Color (sic) Classic. Bugger me if that sumbitch isn't ugly and, IMHO, not even as functional as the contemporary WinTel box.
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