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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Category: Death
Cold War victor Ronald Reagan dies at 93.
The Wikipedia is up to date already, in fact I found out there (less than one hour after the sad event) rather than any of the news feeds I had looked at. So far the Britannica has not noticed the event. The Wikipedia is a magnificent tool.
UPDATE: From the Washington Post article pointed at above:
Mr. Reagan graduated to major movies with a small but significant part in the 1940 film "Knute Rockne -- All American," which starred Pat O'Brien as the famed Notre Dame football coach. Mr. Reagan played George Gipp, a Notre Dame football player who died of pneumonia and years later was the inspiration for a Rockne halftime pep talk in which he exhorted his team to "win one for the Gipper." Four decades later, this nickname was revived by reporters covering the presidential campaign, who routinely called Mr. Reagan "the Gipper."
I didn't know that.
CLARIFICATION: I knew they called him the Gipper, I just didn't know why.

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