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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Category: Hollyweird
The Day After Tomorrow is apparently a terrific disaster movie for those who like the genre, but some have doubted its credentials as an important eco-flick. The screenplay is based on a book by Art Bell and his good buddy Whitley Stieber and have these guys got credentials:
And Bell and Strieber aren't political hacks. Bell became prominent hosting the popular late-night radio show Coast-to-Coast AM where he discussed UFOs and things paranormal. Strieber is a novelist. Most of Strieber's early books were thrillers, but after publishing Communion, his true-life account of being abducted by aliens, he took to nonfiction.
His subsequent nonfiction work--the books Transformation, Breakthrough, and Confirmation--all dealt with his continuing experience with otherworldly visitors. As did his 1997 The Secret School, in which, as Publisher's Weekly summarizes it, "He contends that, as a child in San Antonio in the 1950s, he and other children were taken in the middle of the night to a secret school run by aliens in the middle of San Antonio's wild Olmos Basin."
This film could bring down the Bush(II) administration.
UPDATE: and by the way, it should be The Day after Tomorrow with the "after" not capitalised. "Do not capitalize the following: ... prepositions, regardless of length"

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