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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Category: Implausible
According to the TTT (Tullamarine Trotskyite Tribune), Microsoft has been granted a patent for the "double-click". Given that their first mouse came into being in 1983, this would seem a bit hard to swallow. TramTown appears to be about a month off the pace on this news as the patent seems to have been granted on April 27. It was filed on July 12, 2002. Reading a bit further, they are talking about about double-clicking buttons on a limited resource computing device...
One such palm-type computer is Microsoft's Palm-size PC. The Palm-size PC has a touch screen display. A stylus is used to input data into a user interface displayed on the touch screen display. The user interface is similar in appearance to a Windows user interface displayed on a desktop or laptop PC. A taskbar, used for launching application programs, is displayed at the bottom of the touch screen display. Applications are launched by using the stylus to select the desired application from a taskbar menu. Using a stylus can be cumbersome for users. Therefore, as an alternative to launching applications by using the stylus, the Palm-size PC contains a plurality of buttons (called application buttons) that are used to launch the more common applications installed on a Palm-size PC. Applications can be launched in a variety of states. In the past, the actuation of an application button caused an application to be launched in a particular state, for example a view state. The user was required to take further steps to invoke additional application functionality, such as opening a document. It is desirable to more easily launch applications in various states. The present invention is directed to increasing the functionality of application buttons so as to accomplish this result.
So the "invention" is not mouse-related at all. It is, however, still trivial and if Microsoft make even one cent of royalties I will be very surprised.
ASIDE: While researching I came across a BSOD gallery with a couple of shots from hereabouts.

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