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Saturday, June 05, 2004
Category: Iraq
This essay by David Warren, an Ottawa Journalist (but read his bio because that hardly covers the David Warren story completely), claims that the June 30 handover of power will be largely symbolic but not for the reasons most people think. He makes a strong case for the notion that the handover has already occurred.
The formal transfer of power from Paul Bremer's occupation authority to the new Iraqi government waits till the end of the month, but with the self-dissolution of the interim Iraqi Governing Council, we have witnessed an effective transfer. From now on, American advisers won't be running Iraqi ministries -- won't dare try -- and allied troops on the ground will be consulting Iraqis before launching new raids on assorted bad guys. Best of all, the region's governments, including nefarious Iran and Syria (up to their eyeballs fomenting trouble within Iraq), will know it's too late to sabotage the hand-off -- because it has already occurred, by surprise, ahead of deadline.
Great reading and a bunch of ideas that will never appear in the TTT.

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