Tram Town
Friday, November 19, 2004
Category: Anthropology
Yes, anthropology! The Culture Cult. Not being an intellectual, I was not familiar with Roger Sandall's name. I think I have actually read some of his writings in Quadrant. I am definitely going to buy the book of the website for reading on the six door green limo. The entire website is (I'm beginning to sound repetitive here) well worth a read.
Should American Indians and New Zealand Maoris and Australian Aborigines be urged to preserve their traditional cultures at all cost? Should they be told that assimilation is wrong? And is it wise to leave them entirely to their own devices?
The Australian example suggests that the answers are no, no, and no. The best chance of a good life for Indigenes is the same as for you and me—full fluency and literacy in English, as much math as we can handle, and a job. In the year 2000 artificially preserved Aborigines are doomed.

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