Tram Town
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Category: Art
I went to have a bit of a perv at the Munch at the [increasingly poorly named] NGVI. Overwhelmingly unremarkable is the best I can say. There was The Scream (four of them to be exact) and that is about it. When I say four, that is how many he did originally, we only got one, a 12" x 8" [sorry, from the website, 35.5 x 24.5 cm which is more like 14" x 10", my mistake] litho with hand colouring. I know from hand colouring, I have two children. Your boy Munch wasn't much chop at the caper in my opinion. I'm glad I'm not really scratching for dough because I would have very much resented springing for the $15 entry if I was (even now I'm thinking "half a slab for that rubbish, hmmm...").
Go here instead and get The Scream that you know (and love?).
I don't know much about art, I don't know much about Munch, pass the peanuts.
Oh, BTW, the guy at the hatcheck shared my opinions and he didn't even have to pay to get in.
Watch out for falling glass!

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