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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Category: Encyclopaedias
This article on Tech Central Station gives the Wikipedia a right slagging. I have always doubted the ability of a Wiki to converge on the truth but I still feel quite comfortable using the Wikipedia as one of my main resources. I guess even the Britannica has behaved like a Wiki over the years, it has a little more time for fact checking but it still only asymptotes on the truth.
Interestingly, the Wikipedia article that Robert McHenry crticises most strongly already has information included in response to the TCS story. There have been nearly fifty edits since McHenry's criticism.
What's more, if I was looking up Alexander Hamilton, his birthdate, 1755 or 1757, would be low on my list of "must knows". I guess we should strive for accuracy anyway.
BTW, sorry for the verbisation of asymptote.
BTW, sorry for the verbisation of verb.

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