Tram Town
Thursday, November 25, 2004
Category: What?
The Daily Telegraph reports this story of a 20 year old crashing a car at 200kmh in a 50kmh zone.
Shortly after, he died instantly along with passengers Carl Homer, 33, and Mr Homer's 15-year-old, seven-month pregnant girlfriend Natasha Schyf, when they crashed into a power pole at speeds estimated at up to 200km/h.
As Tim Blair points out, the story within the story appears to be the really shocking bit. The two passengers were a 33 year old man and his 7 months pregnant 15 year old girlfriend. Her parents approved of him!
"Carl and Natasha were perfect for each other, inseparable. He was a lovely guy, everything for my daughter, and we were all looking forward to the baby," Mr Schyf said.
Read the story and weep!

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