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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Category: Nutrition
Ancel Benjamin Keys died a couple of weeks ago aged just shy of 101. Amongst other things, he is the K in K Rations the balanced meals as consumed by US combat soldiers. In this great obit. at Tech Central Station he is shown not to buy all the obesity nonsense that is so fashionable nowadays...
Keys scoffed at height-weight charts, calling them "arm-chair concoctions starting with questionable assumptions and ending with three sets of standards for 'body frames' which were never measured or even properly defined." Like their Seven Countries Study, the Framingham, Albany, Tecumseh, Chicago People's Gas, and Chicago Western Electric studies all found that people 20 to 40% over the insurance company weight charts lived the longest. In fact, those most at risk are at or below the charts, or at the very extreme of obese, rather than the average or even moderately obese groups, he concluded.
For an academic with two (2) PhDs, he appears to have been hit remarkably hard with the sensible stick.

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