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Friday, August 31, 2007
Category: Politics
Magda Szubanski is currently starring in a silent film. Perhaps she should take that as a sign to shut the heck up rather than offering this sort of nonsense:
"You need to have a government that supports local culture, that is not frightened of it and supports the arts. When you have a government that is frightened of the arts and starts slashing and cutting all over the place, it makes people fearful and people constrict and that is the opposite of creativity.
"If you look at London now, obviously there's been enormous flaws with the Blair government but, having spent the best part of a year there recently, it has really opened up and that's a lot to do with the pride in cultural product that seems to happen under Labour governments."
I expect she meant Labour/Labor inclusively - ed.
I don't think any government should be frightened of the arts or particularly supportive; they should be ambivalent. And what the heck does she mean by "pride in cultural product"? It seems like a completely meaningless group of words to me.
Let's not forget that Magda is talking up her own game here. She makes a good living sucking on the government teat and then, in a film review, journalists give her a free go to slag off the current government. Sickening!
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