Tram Town
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Category: Goodbye
Via Slatts comes a very sad piece of news as noted in the Sun thus:
MURTON. _ Charles Rodney.
Passed away peacefully on Mon. Sept. 10, 2007 after a long illness aged 58 years. Loving son of William and Nora (both dec.), loved brother of Laurence (dec.), uncle of Tim and Veronica, Philip and Shellie and great uncle of Audrey.
Rest In Peace
With him goes a vast body of knowledge and wisdom as evidenced at his blog Diogenes' Lamp.
As it happens, the main building of the old Coburg High School has been finally demolished over the course of the past week. Charles was one of the last generation of students of Coburg High as a great teaching establishment. By the time I got to Coburg High in the seventies (about ten years after Charles) it was owned by the left and no more capable of providing a decent education than it is now as rubble.

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