Tram Town
Saturday, September 15, 2007
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I went down to the Melbourne Museum of Printing on Thursday afternoon and I will go again sometime soon. Once the footy season is over I might take the whole family. It is very small but quite thorough and the people are very pleasant and, more importantly, knowledgeable. It is open Thursdays and Sundays from 2pm and has a $6 entry fee. Parking is easy.
Also, yesterday, I accompanied son number two's class on an excursion to the MCG. The tour is very interesting but be prepared to be on your feet for a good 1½ hours and be prepared to be given details that are often only "approximate". The problem for me was that I had taken the dog for a walk before we set off and then, when we reached the city, we walked along the river from the Queen's Bridge and over the new footbridge to the 'G. After the tour we had to do that walk in reverse. By the time I got home I had been on my feet for around about five hours (that's a lot for me). I won't even mention the fact that for a significant portion of the walk there and back we had to look at Hideous Federation Square™. Oops, I just did.

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