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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Category: Security
In grand final week we have a classic example of not keeping eyes on the ball from Mick Keelty with this item in the Oz.
Keelty warning on global warming
CLIMATE change, not terrorism, will be the main security issue of the century, with potential to cause death and destruction on an unprecedented scale, Australia's top policeman believes.
In a surprise foray into the politics of global warming, Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty described how climate refugees "in their millions" could create a national security emergency for Australia.
So something that is quite tangible and is causing deaths around the world and has identifiable villains is to be deprecated as a threat in "favour" of something intangible that is likely to save more lives than it causes deaths and for which no villain can be identified except for the supposedly guilt-ridden "us". That makes me feel secure in my home, Mick.
He did, however, raise one real and current threat, this time it was the dangers of carbon trading.
He equated the potential for corruption in carbon trading to the billion-dollar Barings Bank fraud, which brought down Britain's oldest merchant bank 12 years ago.
Me, I'm not so sure that the problems will be in the abstract market place, rather, I think the danger of fraud is at the deliverable stage. It's reasonably easy to point at a tonne of wheat or a million barrels of oil and know that they have been delivered. How do you audit at individual, company and country level for the production of an invisible gas from thousands if not millions of identifiable sources?
And all the while we have headlines like this:
Halve global-warming pollution by 2050, Europe tells UN summit
These are the sort of people who believe they can achieve the economically impossible 43 years into the future by empty declaration. Who gives these pea-brains the oxygen?

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