Tram Town
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Category: Milestones
It is one hundred years since Frank Hornby registered Meccano as a trademark (but he was selling the product under the name Mechanics Made Easy for six years prior to that). I celebrated by attending the Melbourne Meccano Club's Twelfth Annual Exhibition down in Elsternwick. I spent about an hour there and I had a ball. There is still another day for the exhibition and I strongly advise a visit.
Amongst my favourite attractions:
  • A computer controlled model of the Falkirk Wheel. I felt like a fool for never having heard of the Falkirk Wheel. It is so simple and yet so beautiful and ingenious all at the same time.
  • A working Meccano Babbage difference engine built to the same design (I think) as this one pointed at by TramTown back in 2004.
  • A small working loom that weaves a ribbon 50mm wide. It does work. I saw it working. I then picked my jaw up off the floor.
  • Some examples of models constructed with Trix, one of the many Meccano alternatives that have existed over time.
  • A 1:30 scale model of a container crane with over twenty electric motors.
All in all it was an inspirational exhibition that was well worth the effort. I have marked it in my calendar for a visit next year.

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