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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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The TramTown reader HRT brought to my attention a significant anniversary. Ninety years ago today, the Battle of Beersheba took place. From the WikiPedia:
The Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade, under Brigadier William Grant, charged more than four miles at the Turkish trenches, overran them and captured the wells at Beersheba. This is often reported as "the last successful cavalry charge in history," although cavalry units continued to exist into the early phases of World War II and taking part in operations before being rendered obsolete.
The battle significantly impacted on the outcome of the war in the Middle East. Go read about it!
Twenty years ago, a film was made telling the story called The Lighthorsemen. Wikipedia notes:
The film received mixed views by critics, many claimed the film lacked a message about war. To be fair, part of the reason for this can be found in the historical fact as stated above. The raid on Beersheba turned out to be completely different from the useless carnage of the botched Gallipoli Campaign, and unlike Gallipoli, an Australian General was calling the shots; it was well planned and executed, with a surprisingly low number of causalities.
Thanks for the heads-up, HRT.
UPDATE: HRT says he has an idea that there was a public holiday for Beersheba day before WWII. Can any of our older readers respond either way?

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