Tram Town
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Category: Politics
I've been reading TCSDaily for a number of years. It used to be called Tech Central Station but is now subtitled TECHNOLOGY*COMMERCE*SOCIETY. I've learnt a lot from reading stuff there.
Today, I noticed two particularly interesting posts there. First is this mock announcement from the Nobel Peace Prize committee announcing their rescinding of this year's prize to "itinerant comedian and performance artist Albert Gore of the United States". It's a good read, particularly for those of us who recognise the importance of the battle of the Coral Sea.
A little more serious is this post making an attempt at defining Masonomics. One of my favourite podcasts is EconTalk. It comes from the George Mason University department of economics. I reckon it would be worth getting an iPod (or logical equivalent) just for this podcast (Just One Guy's Opinion™).

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