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Saturday, December 08, 2007
Category: Fluoridation
I was told by a dentist with whom I worked a bit over twenty years ago that the science on fluoridation of water was in and there was no debate to be had. It seemed that in every example known to man, fluoridation improved dental outcomes. He even felt that a degree in dentistry would become worthless into the future because of fluoridation. He, of course, failed to predict the gradual move of dentistry from concern for the healthy gob to concern for the aesthetically attractive gob. Dentists are now largely cosmeticians (Just One Guy's Opinion™).
Now, I'm not convinced that fluoridation is the most dangerous evil confronting mankind by a long shot, but I do feel that perhaps it is another of these issues that requires all-cause mortality studies to be done. This article from the Brisbane paper is worth reading. Perhaps the most interesting point he makes is this:
Finally, less than 1 per cent of water used is actually drunk.
Most water is for other household use including sewage, and for use by industry etc.
Could a less efficient, more wasteful system of medication distribution ever be devised?
BTW Wouldn't you a love to have a couple of bob for every time you have heard a dentist say "that's an important tooth".

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