Tram Town
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Category: Fluoros
Over at Global Warming Politics the Stottman is today discussing compact fluorescent lights. One of his suggestions particularly piqued my interest...
I should like to ask every reader of this blog to approach their local council to ask them precisely how they propose to re-cycle the mercury from CFLs?
I'm off to the the Moreland website, me.

UPDATE: I'm back! Not much success, though, their site is down. I'm guessing that someone accidentally smashed a CFL in their computer room and it has had to be vacated until a full cleanup team in sealed suits can do a job of work.
UPUPDATE: The site's back up and the answer is that when you need to dispose of a fluorescent tube of any sort you need to drive 10 km to a disposal centre. No mention of what people without cars should do and certainly no mention of mercury.

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