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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Category: Barack
Curiously, that name is not in the Blogger spell checker. Never mind, on with the post...
This article in the Times of London gives us some idea of voters' perceptions of Obama's policies. JJRay pointed at it in a post titled
Obama as a Rorschach inkblot
He is so non-specific that everyone thinks he will do what they want
Also, in the letters page of the Racine Journal Times, this letter gives us hope:
Hope for an alternative
I agree with Kim Morrison that Barack Obama would be a great president. I have hope that he can provide free health insurance for everyone.
I have hope that he can bring our soldiers home and make the world a safer place. I have hope that he can protect Americans from poverty by printing more money at the mints.
And, I have hope that he can make me a taller, more attractive, wealthier person, immune to all illnesses. The best part is that all of these will be accomplished at absolutely no cost to me.
Some skeptics would say that he can’t do these things because he hasn’t had enough leadership experience, foreign policy experience, or government experience. Some would say that Obama can’t provide for all our needs without doubling taxes. And, some would say that he hasn’t provided one piece of a specific plan to reach these goals.
Well, to those people I ask, “Where is your hope?”
All these years I’ve been creating accomplishments and gatherine experience to list on my resume. From now on, I’ll just list my hopes and plans. All that work was so unnecessary.
Angie Smucker

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