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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Category: Cookware
Now I have to make it clear that TramTown is not about to become a poorman's engrish.com (please, go there and have a good laugh), but when our correspondent HRT sent us the following images in response to our posting about the scissors I felt I had to post them.

  • Sharp
  • Secure
  • Sanitary
  • Convenient
No arguments there, but what about this: "Pursue to have no the destination, only the excelsior". I guess the comma helps us to understand this statement more easily (but I'm still only guessing).
Now to the backside:
  1. After using knife, wash and dry immediately with a dry cloth
  2. For longer life on the knife, do not use on a glass or ceramic worktop.
  3. For safety do not take it by hand, when knife drop down.
  4. Do not test sharp by finger.
  5. Keep and store knife away from children easy to reach.
We'll offer a prize of unfettered access to the TramTown archives to the first person who can make sense of all of this.
Oh, and BTW, it's great to see the claim of ISO9001 certification.

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