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Friday, April 03, 2009
Category: Hardware
And I'm not talking about the fun type.

For about the last five years I've had one of these, heck, we've been happy with it and it's served us well...until...

three days ago it went pear shaped -- wouldn't boot to the OS, firmware and disk were fine, just wouldn't boot!

Hmm, research project, turns out it WAS one of the known problem children of the fruit company, it DID have a serial number and model number that proved this, it MAY'VE been subject to out of warranty repairs, BUT the logic board appears to have been changed during the production process already -- complicated I appreciate but it meant that I was buggered both ways from Sunday and when you have two teenage girls in secondary school, not having a home computer is a major problem.

So having cut a short story long...I just bought one of these. All of the data just came across from a backup that I had from the previous computer, children and spouse seemed happy and it was only this morning that I realised that I hadn't yet read the manual --- Jeez Apple make rubbish.

Blogged for the record, I'm not an Apple FanBoy either (much)

UPDATE: Sorry, I forgot to mention that a new logic board would've cost around $AU900 and a new computer cost around $AU1900.

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