Tram Town
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Category: Q
I went to see a preview of the Australian production of Avenue Q yesterday. It would be unfair to publish a review of a show that hasn't even opened but I will offer up a few random points...
  • Turn it over, it's cooked! It's ready! This did not look like any sort of preview. It was fantastic.
  • From the first words of the first song I was totally immersed in the puppet world and was not distracted in the slightest by the puppeteers
  • I had a reasonably mature 14-year-old with me and he was totally cool with the "adult" themes. Your Mileage May Vary™.
  • It was a sort of a teeth and boobs, belt out the songs and make 'em laugh show... without the teeth and boobs.
  • Finally, as with many modern Broadway shows, it is first and foremost a parody of its own genre.

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