Tram Town
Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Category: Politics
Some folks over at the IPA have come up with a response to The Head Prefect's recent essay published by the Fairfax press entitled 5½ big things Kevin Rudd doesn’t understand about the Australian economy.. It's well worth the read (probably a bit long, Jack, but it's worth it). The problem is that it could probably be more accurately titled 5½ big things on which Kevin Rudd exposes his claim of being a Fiscal Conservative™ as nonsense.
Of course, Jack, these 5½ big things are points of clear disagreement between (most) Labor folk and (most) Liberal folk and Chesterton [,G. K.] probably would have said that before any useful debate you need to work out which of them you can "move" on, otherwise useful debate will simply not take place.
Leaning a little to the right myself, I am quite unwilling to yield an inch on any of the things!

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