Tram Town
Friday, January 29, 2010
Category: NetBook
We got a bunch of 1005HA EeePC's in our house late last year and have been using them in many ways. In the office where I work I plug in a screen (1920x1080), KB, and mouse and end up with a very usable dual-screen setup with the main document I am working on above and browsers and support documents below on the NetBook's screen. In this configuration it will operate for about 5 hours on the battery. Next week I will take in some Velcro™ cable ties and a USB hub and it will all look quite tidy and require plugging in two cables for "docking". Unplug to go home, surf the web using my Virgin modem ($149 for 10 GB expiring in a year) on the tram and keep it with me the whole weekend. It's all very satisfying.

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