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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
City Skyline - from High Street Northcote

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This view of the city from the corner of High Street and Clarke Street Northcote is one of my favourites. I got this shot on a cold but sunny morning in May 2012.

From this point I'm looking over the area of Northcote known as Westgarth - south Northcote if you like. Here, the main road heads up a bridge from the Westgarth village, sometimes called Rucker's Hill after one of the early settlers,  with many steps at this corner down into the streets. I've known lots of people who have lived in this area over time - in Clarke St and at least 3 families in Charles St at different times. You can walk to the train, or a number of different trams, and the Merri creek with a bicycle path can get you into Collingwood, Kew or even the city. Nowadays I drive through it each day on my way to work.

When I took this photo the other day I realised I wasn't the first to admire this view - at the top of the bridge someone has stuck a drawing of the skyline with most of the buildings named - thanks Dave!
This shot shows the drawing stuck to the end of the bridge. In the distance on the left, you can see the large building that is the Westgarth Cinema. For a short while it was known as the Valhalla, which started its life in Richmond, a cinema I frequented often in the 80s. How many student households had a copy of the Valhalla movie program on the back of their toilet door?

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